European Exclaves in the Process of De-bordering and Re-bordering

Thematicon, Bd. 18

Jaroslaw Janczak (Hrsg.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-3287-1
120 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
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The book presents the processes of de-bordering and re-bordering in Europe with a special focus on state exclaves. It investigates manifestations of togetherness and separateness of territorial units, analyzed from their edges, taking exclaves as examples. Both theoretical considerations and case studies are included. Nine contributions describe Büsingen, Campione d'Italia, Llivia, Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau, Ormidhia, Xylotymbou, Dhekelia Power Station, Sastavci, Dubrovnik, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Kerki, Barkhudarli, Yukhary - Askipara, as well as Artshvashen.

Inhaltsverzeichnis (PDF)


  • Exclaves
  • Enclaves
  • De-bordering
  • Re-bordering
  • Borders


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