Individualized Binaural Technology. Measurement, Equalization and Subjective Evaluation

Aachener Beiträge zur Technischen Akustik, Bd. 13

Bruno Sanches Masiero

ISBN 978-3-8325-3274-1
201 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
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Individualized Binaural Technology. Measurement, Equalization and Subjective Evaluation
In this work the importance of individualization in binaural technique is investigated. The results extend the present knowledge on the efficient measurement of individual head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) and highlight the importance of individual equalization filters in binaural reproduction, using both loudspeakers and headphones. Moreover, an integrated framework for the calculation of such equalization filters is presented.

An innovative measurement setup was developed to allow the fast acquisition of individual HRTFs. The hardware was designed to be compatible with the range extrapolation technique. An individual HRTF dataset with 4000 directions can be measured in less than 6 minutes with this new setup.

A framework was presented that integrates causality constraints to the regularized frequency domain calculation of crosstalk cancellation (CTC) filter. This framework also addresses the switching of active loudspeakers applying a weighted filter calculation method. A sound localization test showed that individualized CTC systems provide performance similar to that of binaural listening while nonindividualized CTC systems provide a significantly lower localization performance.

Finally, a robust individual headphone equalization method was proposed. Perceptual tests showed that, in all but one of the tested situations, no audible differences between the original sound source and its binaural auditory display could be perceived.

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  • Spatial Hearing
  • Individualization
  • Head-Related Transfer Functions
  • Headphone Equalization
  • Crosstalk Cancellation


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