On the Anomalous Dyskrasia (De inaequali intemperie)

Elsa Garcia Novo, Galen

ISBN 978-3-8325-3267-3
286 pages, year of publication: 2012
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On the Anomalous Dyskrasia (De inaequali intemperie)
By means of compositional devices and a magisterial use of Greek language that the author adapts to the contents, Galen achieves an accurate and didactic exposition, which presents the vivacity of oral speech. Dealing with a humoral unbalance that is on the basis of many local and general affections, this small treatise also presents key notions of Anatomy and Physiology. On those grounds it became a bestseller in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance with translations into Syrian, Arabic, Latin (8 versions) and Hebrew and 14 commentaries from 1290 to 1567.

This first critical edition presents a continuous text (no chapters) and points to the internal structure created by the author in order to make his text readily accessible - and unforgettable. A thorough Introduction, explaining the textual transmission and the fundamental topics, is coupled by an ample Commentary that deals with alteration and pain, qualities and humours, inflammation and fevers, no less than with scribal errors and grammatical explanations.

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  • Galen
  • De inaequali intemperie
  • Critical edition
  • Greek medicine
  • Composition of scientific treatises


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