Coupled Electromagnetic Field/Circuit Simulation. Modeling and Numerical Analysis

Sascha Baumanns

ISBN 978-3-8325-3191-1
209 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
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Coupled Electromagnetic Field/Circuit Simulation. Modeling and Numerical Analysis
Today's most commonly used circuit models increasingly tend to lose their validity in circuit simulation due to rapid technological developments, miniaturization and increased complexity of integrated circuits. The starting point of this thesis was to tackle these challenges by refining the critical parts of the circuit by combining circuit simulation directly with distributed device models.

The approach set out in this thesis couples partial differential equations for electromagnetic devices - modeled by Maxwell's equations -, to differential-algebraic equations, which describe basic circuit elements including memristors and the circuit's topology.

First, Maxwell's equations are spatially discretized and a potential formulation is derived, the coupled system is then formulated as a differential-algebraic equation with a properly stated leading term and analyzed. Topological and modeling conditions are presented to guarantee the tractability index of these differential-algebraic equations to be no greater than two.

Finally, local solvability, perturbation results and an algorithm to calculate consistent initializations are derived for a general class of differential-algebraic equations with a properly stated leading term having tractability index-2.

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  • differential-algebraic equation
  • tractability index
  • Maxwell's equation
  • circuit simulation
  • finite integration technique


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