Event Orientation and Secure Federation for Object Lifecycle Management

Steffen Kunz

ISBN 978-3-8325-3000-6
217 pages, year of publication: 2011
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In today's information age, the real world is strongly tied to the virtual world. Without the information from the virtual world, many of today's innovations would no longer be functional. Nevertheless, there still exists an information gap between both worlds. This is especially true for information about physical objects. More detailed and all-embracing object information would provide many additional benefits for all stakeholders of the object lifecycle leading to improved business processes and new business models. In this work, the concept of federated object lifecycle management is addressed by an application scenario and a system architecture. Since we identified security as a major issue for information federation, a security architecture and a tool-supported methodology for engineering cross-organizational access-control policies is presented. One of the major sources of object lifecycle information is the Internet of Things, a concept which describes a network infrastructure of interconnected objects. We extend the portfolio of existing Internet of Things services with new services that integrate event-oriented business logic into the object lifecycle and provide a notation for modeling such business logic. The existing and newly developed Internet of Things services are evaluated against a self-developed requirements framework to provide guidelines for Internet of Things adopters and researchers in their design choices and future research directions, respectively.

  • Object Lifecycle Management
  • Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Internet of Services
  • Semantic Web


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