Proceedings of the 4th International Beilstein Symposium on Experimental Standard Conditions of Enzyme Characterizations

Martin G. Hicks, Carsten Kettner (Hrsg.)

ISBN 978-3-8325-2606-1
254 pages, year of publication: 2010
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The STRENDA Commission (Standards for Reporting Enzyme Data), founded in 2003, is concerned with the improvement of the quality of reporting functional enzyme data to support, inter alia, enzyme kinetics for application in the in silico investigation of biological systems. The Commission has developed a set of guidelines for the reporting of data in publications.

This 4th ESCEC symposium, organized by the Beilstein-Institut together with the STRENDA Commission, provided a platform to discuss the checklists, to consider further suggestions and to improve the existing recommendations. The STRENDA group took also the opportunity to discuss about the presented STRENDA electronic data capturing tool with members from diverse standardizations initiatives and systems biology groups such as MIBBI, YSBN, EFB and SYSMO, editorial board members from journals and all participating experimentalists and theoreticians. The focus of this presentation was to find answers on the questions such as how to organize and store these massive data sets in standard and easily accessible forms, which new experimental tools have to be developed to gather and configure such data into interactive models, which parameters should be measured, what kind of data constitute the minimum required information, and which experimental conditions should be recommended.

The Beilstein Symposia address contemporary issues in the chemical and related sciences by employing an interdisciplinary approach. Scientists from a wide range of areas are invited to present aspects of their work for discussion, with the aim of not only advancing science, but also enhancing interdisciplinary communication. Traditionally, the Beilstein Symposia are kept small with up to 40 participants to provide a convivial atmosphere for the both lectures and intense discussions and the ready exchange of thoughts and ideas.

  • enzymology
  • enzyme kinetics
  • data reporting
  • database
  • protein function


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