From the Russian Rivers to the North Atlantic - Migration, Contact and Linguistic Areas

Studies in Eurolinguistics , Bd. 7

Sture Ureland (Hrsg.)

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From the Russian Rivers to the North Atlantic - Migration, Contact and Linguistic Areas
Euro-Atlantic and Euro-wide Eurolinguistics: The conquest of the North Atlantic (Fennell, Stewart, Broderick, Quinn); language policy in the EU (Simon, Lagerstedt, Ureland); phraseology Europe-wide (Kiso, Piirainen); documentation of regional languages and linguistic minorities (Agresti); language conflict and the spread of European isogosses (Voronkova); the great problem of European lexicography (Merolle).

Eurolinguistics West: Scandinavian loanwords in Normandy (Birken-Silverman); Occitan as a basis for learning Romance languages (Agresti); trilingualism in Alsace and Lorraine (Bienkowski); language situation in Orkney Islands (Rendall); Celtic language planning (MacKinnon); regional and minority languages in the EU (McKendry and Müller).

Eurolinguistics South: Spanish as a standardization model for the rise of Standard Italian (Antonio Castorina); standardization of Andaluz (Iezzi); Medieval Latin - New High German and Medieval Latin - Early Italian (Kämmerer); minority languages in Molise (Pugliese); the use of English in Rome (Sommella); Serbian migrations and Serbs in exile (Cvetkovic;); Bulgarian minorities in the diaspora (Kampf).

Eurolinguistics Centre: Alpine Romance vernaculars between Germanic and Romance (Bauer); Schuchardt as a Eurolinguist (Haas); language shift from Low Gercaron;man to High German (Kremer); Croats in the diaspora in Burgenland, Austria (Socnac).

Eurolinguistics North: Polish immigration to Sweden (De Geer); the rise of documentation institutes of dialectology, place names and folklore in Uppsala (Brylla, Strandberg).

Eurolinguistics East and Euro-Asiatic: Russian influence on Nikvh (Gruzdeva); Finno-Ugric influence on Scandinavian (Swedish, Norwegian) and Russian (Kusmenko, Weinstock); Paleo-Sibirian influence on Russian dialects (Voronkova and Guseva-Lozinski).

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  • Eurolinguistics
  • Migrations
  • Contacts
  • Synchrony/Diachrony
  • Linguistic Areas


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