Kleene-Schützenberger and Büchi Theorems for Weighted Timed Automata

Karin Quaas

ISBN 978-3-8325-2500-2
132 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
Preis: 34.00 €
In 1994, Alur and Dill introduced timed automata as a simple mathematical model for modelling the behaviour of real-time systems. In this thesis, we extend timed automata with weights. More detailed, we equip both the states and transitions of a timed automaton with weights taken from an appropriate mathematical structure. The weight of a transition determines the weight for taking this transition, and the weight of a state determines the weight for letting time elapse in this state. Since the weight for staying in a state depends on time, this model, called weighted timed automata, has many interesting applications, for instance, in operations research and scheduling. We give characterizations for the behaviours of weighted timed automata in terms of rational expressions and logical formulas. These formalisms are useful for the specification of real-time systems with continuous resource consumption. We further investigate the relation between the behaviours of weighted timed automata and timed automata. Finally, we present important decidability results for weighted timed automata.

  • Weighted Timed Automata (Gewichtete Zeitautomaten)
  • Real-Time Systems (Echtzeitsysteme)
  • Monadic Second Order Logic (Monadische Logik zweiter Stufe)
  • Regular Expressions (Reguläre Ausdrücke)
  • Weighted Automata (Gewichtete Automaten)


34.00 €
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