Dropout in First Grade as an Indicator for Learning Difficulties in Ethiopian Government Primary Schools. An investigation of intercultural and international comparative education for students with individual needs

Jana Zehle

ISBN 978-3-8325-2439-5
402 pages, year of publication: 2010
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Dropout can be considered as severe hindrance to fight poverty in many countries. Children dropout from school without minimal education. In Ethiopia, dropout in first grade primary school is a widespread phenomenon and incompatible with the Millennium Goal `Achieving universal primary education'.

The researcher investigates the relation between dropout and learning difficulties while as learning difficulties are discussed as a comprehensive concept going beyond the institutional framework of school. The investigation took place in Addis Ababa and in rural areas in Southern Ethiopia.

The findings of this investigation led the researcher to draw consequences and formulate recommendation relevant in a global context. Thus, the research paper provides a far-reaching contribution to the intercultural and international comparative education for individual needs within the framework of qualitative development cooperation.

deutsche Ausgabe: Dropout im Schuleingangsbereich an staatlichen Primarschulen Äthiopiens als ein Indikator für Lernschwierigkeiten.

  • Intercultural and international comparative education
  • Primary education in Ethiopia
  • Dropout
  • Individual learning needs
  • Screening assessment


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