Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction in Different Application Scenarios. International DAAD-PhD Summer Academy at the University of Chile, Santiago de Chile, August 27 to September 10, 2008

Nelson Baloian, Wolfram Luther, Dirk Söffker, Yoshiyori Urano [Eds.]

ISBN 978-3-8325-2100-4
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In 2008, the first of three DAAD PhD-Summer Academies on human-machine Interaction in networked systems and multimodal interfaces was hosted at the University of Chile in Santiago de Chile. It is focused on three topics:
  • Multimodal Human-Machine Interaction in Different Application Scenarios
    • Modeling Human-Machine Interaction
    • Social Networks, Trust, and Reputation
    • Gesture-Based Interaction
    • Interface and Interaction Redesign
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Work
    • Modeling Mobile Groupware Systems
    • Evaluation Methods
    • Learning Paradigms
  • Optical Communication Systems
This book summarizes the lectures presented at the Summer Academy, making the material available to interested academics and students.

  • human-machine interaction
  • multimodal interfaces
  • computer supported collaborative work
  • optical communication systems


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