Stress and Psychosocial Resources: Coping with life changes, occupational demands, educational challenges, and threats to physical and emotional well-being

Pagona Roussi, Eleni Vassilaki, Krzysztof Kaniasty [Hrsg.]

ISBN 978-3-8325-1971-1
180 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
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This volume features a selection of scholarly papers delivered at the 27th annual conference of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR) held in July 2006 in Rethymnon, Greece. It brings together 15 manuscripts produced by researchers from all over the world. The volume is divided into four parts, each dealing with diverse topics in anxiety, stress, and coping research. The first set of papers concerns personal, work, and communal stressors resulting from social, cultural, and developmental transitions. Presented next are studies that investigated the role of social support in very specific ecological contexts. Part three examines stressors routinely experienced by children within school and extracurricular settings. The final part of the volume deals with work exploring linkages between stressors and indicators of emotional, cognitive, and physical functioning in a variety of patient and nonpatient samples.

  • Stress
  • Coping
  • anxiety
  • Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR)


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