Experimentelle Bestimmung der Verrechnungszeiten beim Stereosehen anhand der verzögert wahrgenommenen Tiefenumkehr von bewegten, teilweise verdeckten Objekten

MPI Series in Biological Cybernetics, Bd. 5

Rainer Rosenzweig

ISBN 978-3-8325-0236-2
233 Seiten, Erscheinungsjahr: 2003
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How much time does our visual system need to perform stereopsis? Viewed pseudoscopically, an opaque square floating above a random-dot pattern appears as a rectangular cut-out. When the pattern moves vertically upwards, an illusory gap with undefined depth position is perceived at the upper edge of the square. This phenomenon is called Delayed Stereopsis Illusion (DSI). The "DSI-gap" carries the pattern of the moving plane, its spatial depth, however, is perceived somewhere between the moving pattern and the cut-out. In analogy with Julesz's "noman's- land" we called this DSI-gap "trailing-edge no-man's-land". Its width indicates the 3-D computation time needed to determine spatial depth of the pattern, which virtually appears "from nowhere". Data were gathered psychophysically with a computer generated model system.

In three experimental series E1-E3 14 subjects marked the width of the DSI-gap under various welldefined conditions with two different methods. A total of 881 single measurements were performed, 212 of them in E1, 384 in E2 and 285 in E3. The results indicate interindividually different 3-D computation times between 50 and 80 ms. Learning, and pattern parameters like spatial frequency did not significantly influence the perceived width of the DSI-gap. Regarding the perceived shift of moving patterns according to de Valois and de Valois (1991), an adequate correction of the delays concluded from the measured DSI gaps is discussed. In any case, the minimum presentation time of 17 ms, at which Julesz dynamic random-dot-stereograms are just recognizable, is much too short to determine the position in depth in each single frame. The 3-D system rather seems to check that the depth situation has not changed, and maintains the percept of the floating square.

  • Delayed Stereopsis Illusion
  • Wahrnehmung
  • Verrechnungszeiten
  • 3D-Sehen
  • Tiefenumkehr


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