Integration of European Language Research

Studies in Eurolinguistics , Bd. 2

Sture Ureland [Hrsg.]

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This is the second volume published in the series Studies in Eurolinguistics, which is a collection of papers presented at three different symposia in the period 2001--2003. In the present volume, the more important papers from north of the Alps (Eurolinguistics North) and south of the Alps (Eurolinguistics South) have been collected. Thus readers can look into the future and evaluate for themselves the promises and possibilities of Eurolinguistics.

Eurolinguistics is a new challenge for all of us who are involved with the integration of Europe and who see the chance for a renaissance of linguistic studies in the European unification. We are convinced that a rejuvenation of linguistics is necessary to reach this goal, away from an obsession and preoccupation with empty formalism in structural or generative orthodoxy. What unites us and brings us together as Eurolinguists, working towards a new kind of linguistics with a human face, is the concern with time, space and the social dimensions of language contacts, all of which play crucial roles in dealing with languages in present-day Europe. Conversely, we believe that isolated treatments of linguistic phenomena within national-philological or structural frameworks give us a false picture of the interdependencies between the European languages and their mutual contacts in the past and the present.

The volume published here in the Eurolinguistics series of the Logos Verlag Berlin is, itself, the result of the on-going integration and enlargement of Europe. The current volume is also a collection of papers from two different parts of the European continent: the two symposia in Mannheim -- Strasbourg (2001) and Zadar (2002). Since this volume also includes papers given at the small workshop held in connection with Baden-W\"{u}rttemberg's Europa Woche in May 9-10, 2003.

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